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We are members of the worldwide youth hostel network Hostelling International (HI). We are proud to be part of HI and hope that you choose a HI hostel wherever you go abroad. Hostelling International is the brand name for over 90 national youth hostel organizations in 90 countries that operate a total of over 4,000 youth hostels worldwide. What distinguishes HI from other hostel operators is the focus on quality instead of quantity: All member countries must meet an international standard set by HI. So you can rest assured that you get the same standard of service and facilities no matter where you are. No other international hostel association can offer you the same security, so look for the HI logo when booking an international hostel.

HI is also proud of its variety of accommodations for small budgets: in the network you will find a large selection of interesting options for your overnight stay. From the medieval castle to modern eco-hostels, log houses, ski huts, to a hostel in a jumbo jet! Some are small and intimate, with private rooms, others are vibrant, busy meeting places for travelers from all over the world. Also note that a HI membership for which you only need an international youth hostel card saves you money in every HI hostel. Many international youth hostels also offer HI members additional benefits and goodies.


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Find your hostel with Hostelling International worldwide:

Hostels in Germany

Visit the German Youth Hostel webside or to book a hostel in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg or any other hostel in Germany.

Hostels in Slovenia

Visit the Slovenian Youth Hostel webside or to book a hostel in Maribor or Bled or any other hostel in Slovenia.

Hostels in Croatia

Visit the Croatian Youth Hostel website or to book a youth hostel in Zagreb or any other hostels in Croatia.

Hostels Australia

Visit the Australian Youth Hostel website or to book a youth hostel in Zagreb or any other hostels in Croatia.


Hostelling International offers a side specialy for groups, Organising travel for groups of 10 or more people has never been easier: simply choose your group hostel and travel dates, and you will be contacted by the local group bookings staff within 48 hours to confirm availability and to discuss your group’s travel requirements